Week 1 Scientific Investigations
Play Goldburger and investigate how to make it work: http://pbskids.org/zoom/games/goldburgertogo/index.html
Take the quiz : http://www.biology4kids.com/extras/quiz_studyscimeth/index.html

Week 2 States
Keep playing the game until you get 65% or better. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/USA_Geography/USA_G0_1024.html

Week 3 States
Keep playing the game until you get 70% or better. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/USA_Geography/USA_G0_1024.htm

Week 4 Natural Resources
After going through this site make a poster to let others know how we can make our school a Greener place.

Week 5 Nonrenewable Resources After reading through the site, make a diagram about where non-renewable resources come from.

Week 6 Desert- special structures
List a special function of a stem, leaf, flowers and roots

Week 7 - Desert- vetebrates and invertebrates
Make a T chart and list on one side some vertebrate animals and on the other invertebrate animals

Week 8 Rain Forest - Inherited Traits
Watch this video. List 4 different characteristics that allow these rainforest animls to survive.

Week 9 Desert Animals
Pick an animal from the top of the page. Read about it: http://www.desertanimals.net/ Now write about the animal in a journal

Week 10 Presidents
Click on the different rooms and enjoy the360 degree view of each room of the White House. Then pick your favorite and write a descriptive paragraph describing it in detail.

Week 11 Elections
Click on each star. Read about and do the "show what you know: on the bottom of the page.

Week 12 UN Day

Week 13 Earthquakes
Enter the testing zone. Which is a worse earthquake? A 1 magnitude or an 8? Explain your answer. Then move the switch to "Illustration". What is the definition of focus?

Week 14 Volcanoes
Watch the video and fill out a Venn diagram to compare and contrast changes to the Earth's surface. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2h6uXlL8gI
AND watch this great video on Volcanoes http://www.neok12.com/video/Volcanoes/zX47624604537c4154525151.htm

Week 15 Erosion
Watch the video and then do an Ingenuity activity to show what you learned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exS9gFXgib0

Week 16- Thanksgiving Week
Week 17- Winter Workshop

Week 18 Ancient AZ Civilizations
Read the article and watch the video. Then make a flip book showing 3 main points. Use evidence from the text.

Week 19 - Incas
Use Ingenuity activity to present what you learned.

Week 20 MLK
Watch the powerpoint (it is the "Dr. Martin Luther King" the 5th one down. http://holidays.mrdonn.org/powerpoints/MLK.html
take the quiz http://teacher.scholastic.com/scholasticnews/indepth/mlk/activities/quiz/quiz_print.asp

Week 21 Wind Energy
For your delight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mTLO2F_ERY
Then go to http://www.eschooltoday.com/energy/renewable-energy/wind-energy.html and read about it.
Then tell me what job the man got in the first video. How is he now useful?

Week 22 Resources
There are 20 very short videos. Watch them all and then write what your opinion (make a claim) about the best power source and back it up with evidence.

Week 23 Electricity
Play. http://www.learningcircuits.co.uk/

Week 24 Magnetism
Play the magnetism millionaire game. http://www.quia.com/rr/35935.html

Week 25 Water
Play the water cycle demo. http://www.epa.gov/safewater/kids/flash/flash_watercycle.html
Play the different activities/videos/games on this site. http://www.discoverwater.org/use-water-wisely/

Week 26 Why Does it Rain
Watch the video and find a way to make a presentation to show Why it Rains.

Week 27 AZMerit Practice

Week 28 AZMerit Practice

Week 29 AZMerit Practice

Week 30 Dr. Seuss
Explore the history of Dr. Seuss and then write up 3 facts about him
http://www.seussville.com/#/home Go on this site if you are completely done with your contract

Week 31 Spanish Exploration of Mexico and SW
Watch this video. Why do you think that so many Explorers sailed out of Spain? Write your explanation in your journal.

Week 32 Spanish Explorers
Play "decimals of the Caribbean"

Week 33 AZMerit Week

Week 34 Westward Movement
Follow the instructions on the interactive map. Answer the questions on a piece of paper.

Week 35 Science Fair

Week 36 Science Fair

Week 37 Science Fair

Week 38 Science Fair

Other Sites:

Animals on the Move
Play the Endangered Animals Game:
Then draw a picture of an endangered animal

Weather: Lightning
Read the page about lightning. Come up with a creative way to explain lightning (in groups of 4) to the 3rd graders.

Read the directions at the top. Try different conditions to see if you can grow your plant. Write about it in your journal. Make sure you cite your evidence, and reasoning.

Child Labor in the U.S.
Look at the photographs (you can click on them to enlarge them). Read about child labor in the U.S.:
Then write about which industry you think was the worst to work in and WHY. Use evidence from the text.

Click on any of the inventions on this page and read about :http://inventors.about.com/od/astartinventions/a/FamousInvention.htm
Make a brochure to "sell" your invention. Color it too.

Use this website to write a poem. Copy onto paper what you wrote..

Earth's Resources - Soil
Read and do the activities as you come across them. http://urbanext.illinois.edu/gpe/case2/c2facts1.html
Pick any Ingenuity activity to show what you know.

Click on the correct state. Get a score of 75% or higher.

Civil Rights
Watch 2 videos about the CRM (scroll down to see) http://www.neok12.com/Civil-Rights-Movement.htm
Create your own presentation of the Civil Rights Movement.

Food Chain
Explore the different topics in this site. Use the top arrows to find new questions. Take the quiz before new subject.

Oceans: Coral Reef -Changing Environments
Watch the video on coral reefs.
Make a claim about changing environments. Show evidence and reasoning.

Oceans: Aquatic Environments
Watch video and define these key vocabulary words: ecology, nekton, benthos, habitat, plankton

Oceans - Water Cycle
Draw a picture to show the water cycle. Diagram.

The World in Spatial Terms
European Countries: Play this game at least 3 times to learn their names: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Europe/Eur_GL_1024_768.html
Quiz yourself and show us you got a 75% score or better: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Europe/Eur_G0_1024_768.html