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Treasures lesson plans

3rd Grade
Week 18: Read the instructions on the page, then follow the link on the page
Week 20: All about the author. Read about her then write a paragraph : http://www.pammunozryan.com/
Week 23: Read the direction, click on the link and write the definitions as directed
Week 24: Click on the link and pick at LEAST 3 areas of penguin life and write a detail map about them.
Week 25: Go to the site and click on Savannah Grassland and play the game http://www.abpischools.org.uk/activescience/module2/home.html
Week 26: Read about Global Warming and fill out Opinion Worksheet
Week 27: AZ Merit practice week
Week 28: Go to Dairy Farming site. Click on "Games" at the top. Read the information then play the game.
Week 29: Unique Animals: Make a google slide show on one of the animals on this site
Week 30: Stone Soup: http://www.parenting.com/gallery/7-kid-snacks-from-around-the-world?page=2 Go through the slide show. Write down ALL the healthy snacks that are listed
Week 31:The Strongest One: Click on the link and follow the activity
Week 33: AZ Merit
Week 34:Cook a Doodle Doo: Use this site to illustrate your story in a modernistic way!
Week 35: One Riddle One Answer: Go to the website and follow the activity:

4th Grade - Ignore the "Talk About it with your partner"
Week 2: Watch slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=78
Week 3: Follow the instructions.To show complete show the postcard you typed about sharks, as instructed on page
Week 4: Read the instructions then click on the link. Draw the 2 pictures as instructed on instruction page.
Week 5 :Read the instructions then click on the link. http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/arizona/students/grade4/book1/unit1/the-astronaut-and-the-onion/space-travel
Week 6: Watch the slideshow and draw a picture with a sentence to show understanding http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=96
Week 7: Watch the slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=58
Week 8 : Play the game to learn about baseball http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?activityID=131
Week 11: Watch the slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=86
Week 13: Read the instructions, click on the link and write the letter as instructed. http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/arizona/students/grade4/book1/unit4/dear-mrs-larue/border-collies
Week 15: Watch the slideshow about plays. Write a summary. http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=97
Week 18: Read about collages on through this link. http://www.artlex.com/ArtLex/c/collage.html Then go to this link to make your own collage http://www.nga.gov/kids/zone/collagemachine.htm
Week 21: Watch the slideshow and write a summary.http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=93Week 24 Watch slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=68
Week 22:
Week 23: Go to the link on this site. Show us the poem your wrote before you send it.
Week 24: Go to link and read about surviving in the desert. Then make a brochure on how to survive.
Week 25: Read the instructions then click on link. Make the prop as instructed on instruction page. http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/arizona/students/grade4/book1/unit3/roadrunners-dance/trickster-tales
Week 26: Read the instructions then click on the link and play the game. http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/arizona/students/grade4/book1/unit1/time-for-kids-animals-come-home-to-our-national-parks/our-national-parks
Week 27: AZ Merit practice week
Week 28: Watch the slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=95
Week 29: Read the instructions, click on the link and write a limerick using the website's instructions. http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/arizona/students/grade4/book1/unit4/adelinas-whales/limericks
Week 30: Leah's Pony: Watch this video on the Dust Bowl:
then go to this site: http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/dustbowl/interactive/ Write about the Dust Bowl
Week 34: Watch the slideshow and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=90
Week 35: Watch the slide show and write a summary http://activities.macmillanmh.com/OralLanguageActivities/main1.php?selectionID=80