Genius Hour

Week 4 - Earth's Layers / Aztecs
3rd: Earth's layers video Scrat:
4th:: Aztecs Mayans and Incas
History Channel of Aztecs:
Mayan Facts:

Week 4 - Desert
What is an ecosystem brainpop movie
Desert plant adaptation (skip mangrove slides)

Labor Day Odd Years Even Years
Vocabulary: Industrial Revolution, Unions

Week 4 - Rock Cycle
3rd: Rock Cycle Louie the Quartite
Rock cycle rap

Week 5 - Rock Cycle
3rd: Rock cycle short review

Week 5 Spanish Explorers
Start at 2:68

Week 6 Plant Structures videos embedded in slide show 4th

Week 6 Fossils
3rd: Fossils Bill Nye

Week 6 Sept 11

Week 7 - Vertebrates and invertebrates
Brainpop video on how to classify animals

Week 7
Producers/ Consumers / Decomposers
Decomposers 1 minute video
3rd: energy flow:
3rd: decomposers
3rd: Dung beetle decomposer

Week 8 Inherited traits
4th: Heredity (free BrainPop video)
4th: Roadrunner's Dance

Week 9 Christopher Columbus
Biography Channel (4th):
You Tube (3rd):

Week 10 Gov't
3rd: 3 Branches:
Branches of Government game

Week 10
3rd: Review game
3rd: A Bill:

Little Drac

Week 12: Cuba
Cuba for Kids:
Accidental Eden:

Week 13 Veteran's Day
History of Veteran's Day

Bill Nye water cycle
phases of matter simulation

Week 13 Earthquake
Videos . Tsunamis
Bill Nye the Science Guy Earthquakes 3rd
Bill Nye Earth's Crust

Week 13 National Symbols 3rd

Week 14 Writing
Persuasive Text prezi

Week 14 Volcanoes
Satellite of Volcano
Layers of the Earth fun

Week 14
3rd: living and non-living. Free Brainpop movie

Week 15 Weather and Climate Grade 4
Weather and Climate
Weather and climate games

3rd: Animals of the SW
4th: Ants

Week 16 Thanksgiving
Videos about Pilgrims:
Mayflower deconstructed
Virtual Tour of Plimouth Plantation
Historian Investigation:
5 minute Thanksgiving video
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Week 17 Bacteria


Week 20 Greece
Myth of Pandora

Week 20 MLK
March on Washington
Last part of "mountaintop"
I have a dream

Week 21 Light Reflection, Refraction, Absorption
Blue/Black or White/Gold
video on light:

Week 23 Sound Waves Grade 3

Week 23
3rd: Savanna animals and fun facts
3rd: Savanna power point
3rd/4th: Biomes
3rd: Savanna animals and adaptations
3rd: Life cycle comparison slide show
3rd: Life cycle of a frog youtube
3rd: life cycle of a butterfly
4th: Predator Hammerhead sharks
Week 24
Rome (A cartoon showing a teenagers life in Rome)
Chinese New Year Video from Panda Express:

Week 25 Adaptation Grade 3:
Observation Journal
Artic Animal Adaptations:
Top 10 Animal Adaptations:
Animal Adaptations (print questions):

Week 25 Renewable Resources
Video on renewable and non:

Week 25 Water and Earth's Resources Grade 4
Artsy Water Drops
Slow motion water drop
Bill Nye:
Sources of water:
resources slide show:
Wolves shape rivers
Surface Tension funny

Week 25
3rd: plants Brainpop movie of apple tree producing

Week 28 Dr. Seuss
10 minute video about Dr. Seuss
Print hat along with this
The Butter Battle Book

Week 29 European Explorers
Interactive map to use with 3rd
interactive look

Week 36 Cinco de Mayo

Day of the Dead Videos

Mexico interactive map (question page for this)
Mexican dancing